A first in 10 years

From the Maltese Dolphins captain Daniel Attard" Hi All

First off, we hope you and your families are all staying safe and healthy. Our community has been hit extra hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are New York strong and will get through this together.

After numerous discussions with the captains of Melita SC, we have decided to cancel the Memorial Day Weekend trip to Canada. This decision was not taken lightly, but without being able to plan, fundraiser, or get field permits, there was no way for this event to go through as planned. This will be the first time in 10 years this event will not happen, so let’s make sure that next year will be extra special.

To our Maltese friends in Toronto, we are saddened by not being able to visit you, as this has been a tradition we all look forward to. We will surely miss the cases of Kinnie you always have ready for us.

Please stay safe!"

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