A letter from The Maltese Center President & team captains

Updated: May 22, 2019

"And what a full weekend it was!

Friday May 17th, in the evening, we had a get together with a nice fish dinner, skillfully prepared by one of our own members, leaving our taste buds wandering and comparing Maltese Cuisine.

Around 8.30pm, our friends from up North, started to flow into the Center. Greetings were all around, some friends that we meet every year and we in return we go up to visit for the Calypso Dance and every couple of years for the North American Maltese Community Trophy. Some have known each other for many years, and some have just met. With around seventy members and friends, it was a lot of fun. We even had a nice surprise birthday cake for one of our “tribe “members. As you can imagine, celebrations were already in full force. Meanwhile, as all this was going on, the event coordinators and volunteers were working and preparing for Saturday’s welcome party Bash. The tables were set, bar, decorations etc.

Saturday, May 18th, was the event. The prep started at 6am, picking up the pig from the butcher, prep on it started around 7.30 am, as it takes about 10 hours to cook. During the day, players and volunteers were prepping the garden, bars, tables, chairs and cleaning. By 6.30pm, guests started to flow in. The event was at least 170 strong, guests, players, families and friends. The set up was great, the pig roast was phenomenal, decorations and lights complimented the event. The menu was awesome, with the Pig Roast, the Majjalata, as the main event dish, burgers, hot dogs, kebab, chicken, sausage complimented with an abundance of sides and also Maltese bread with kunserva. Again, the volunteers and helpers stepped it up, and everything went smooth. The DJ, granted us with good back ground music in our back yard garden, and after 11pm, the party started inside. We had two concessions tended by volunteers and players. The dessert table, prepared by our own great bakers, and a nicely decorated cake was a sight to see, with so many goodies, including a fruit salad, watermelon and coffee. The festivities went ‘til late, or should I say early. And we had volunteers cleaning and getting the Center ready for the following morning.

Sunday May 19th, was the big day, for the North American Maltese Community Trophy match. Our team, met around 10.30 am, to prepare for the 1.00 pm game. We even had a masseuse to tend to some aches and pains of the players. The upper concession area, was buzzing with members and their families and friends. Pastizzi and Kinnie were all over the tables. Gatorade, water and oranges sliced and individually packed, were ready in the coolers for the teams on the soccer field.

This year, we had a great soccer field, secured by one of our members through a colleague of his and we are grateful for that. The game was fun, had a few hiccups, we wished for a better result, but the better team won. We congratulate them.

After the game, it was time to meet back at the Center. The Center was over flowing with members and guests, and without any hesitation, again the volunteers and helpers, set up the backyard garden within 20 minutes, the BBQ was up and running, and the celebrations started again. The gifts were exchanged, and short speeches were made by the Melita S.C. President George Xuereb, M.C. President Eddie DeBono, team captains Daniel Attard and Carl Azzopardi. The gift presented to the Maltese Center by the Melita M.C. will be a great addition the Center. The M.C. Logo, cut into steel is just awesome. I was impressed with the young crowd that attended, which is very encouraging.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped in any capacity. We are so fortunate and indebted to our volunteers. Then, there are those who contribute and donate towards the Center and events behind the scenes. Always stepping up to the task and it truly humbles us. We will not be able to do these kinds of events without them. From the smallest detail to the largest. From concept to finish. From coordinating, to implementing. It is very encouraging, seeing new volunteers taking interest and helping too. Recently we launched a new website! ,which was constructed by one of our members pro-bono and in addition we have a member photographer capturing our special moments. We also have an Instagram account @themaltesecenter, a Maltese Center Facebook page, Maltese Center NYC, which all trend events and other interesting topics. All this has been done to expand our reach to the Maltese community near and far on several platforms.

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the Melita S.C. for winning the game, all their effort to organize and bring 55 supporters, arranging accommodations for them, and be part of our community. Hope we were able to meet their expectations, and look forward to our get together next Memorial Weekend of 2020 in Toronto.

The North American Maltese Community Cup was donated by Albert Vella former BOV representative in North America and is an Honorary President of the Maltese Center. This was the eighth consecutive year that these two Maltese Community Centers played for the Trophy. I believe that this is the longest Trophy that has been played consecutively between any Maltese Community.

Sincerely, Eddie Debono, President of the Maltese Center"

Game summary from Maltese Dolphins Captain Daniel Attard

"The Maltese Dolphins hosted Melita S.C. at Grover Cleveland High School Athletic Soccer Field to challenge for the 2019 North American Maltese Community Cup. It was a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon, with plenty of spectators from Toronto and New York in attendance, to celebrate this yearly event.

Melita S.C. started off the game strong and missed a few golden opportunities to take the lead thanks to some great goalkeeping by the Maltese Dolphins. Against the run of play, the Maltese Dolphins took a 1-0 lead through a deflected shot from outside of the box. Melita S.C. tied up the game just before half time with a beautiful 30-yard free kick which nestled in to the top corner of the goal. Melita S.C. took that momentum into the second half and scored three unanswered goals to win the game 4-1 and bring the North American Maltese Soccer Trophy back to Toronto.

On behalf of the Maltese Center and Maltese Dolphins, we would like to congratulate Melita S.C. on their hard-fought victory. We would also like to thank all the volunteers and supporters who make this yearly event possible.

Will Melita S.C. be able to win three years in a row for the second time in this events history? Join us in Toronto May 2020 to find out! "

Melita SC of Toronto Captain Carl Azzopardi

Greeting from

Melita SC Captain Azzopardi

"As far as the weekend goes I am tremendously proud to be a part of the organizing committee and take great pride in rallying the Maltese community of Canada. We are also extremely appreciative of all the efforts that The Maltese Center of New York and all the volunteers went through in order to make this weekend a success, and it really was a success so well done Maltese Center. And lastly I wanted to say how close I feel to all of you. This tradition has cemented many friendships that we normally may have lost sight of. Having this event to look forward to guarantees that those friendships will continue into our later years and hopefully we can continue this long enough for all of our kids to carry the torch. Thanks again to all of you and we look forward to seeing you all next year!! "

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