Awguri f'Jum l-Omm!

Happy Mother's Day! Today is a celebration to honor and recognize the women in our lives who raised and shaped us as a person. The pandemic has robbed all of us of someone or something. But the pandemic has given us a gift, time. With many places on PAUSE we now have had the time to slow down. However for mothers with young children it can be tiresome and demanding. We have to rethink and see the opportunities to do those things that there was never time to do. This is the time to play that silly game. Then we have mothers who have grown children and some have left to embark on their own, raise their own families, etc. Those grown children with their busy work and social lives sometimes forget to check-in or call Mom. The least this crisis can do is afford us extra time with the people we cherish most either at home or via phone or video chat. As mothers with children and children with mothers, value this time.

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