Good morning to all, and a Blessed Good Friday,

We wish you all the best for this Holy Season.Hope that this season will bring you and your families peace and happiness.There is always good in people, we just need to look for it. It is much easier to find blemishes, blame someone, look down on others, accuse, join the mob, etc, just to be accepted. Meanwhile, we know inside that we all have the same defects and blemishes. So, lets try to do better, be better, let's find a common ground and a common purpose. Let's not just grab to straws and low hanging fruit. Let's be thankful and grateful, forgive, help one another. Will be better for all, and all better for one another.

This evening, there is Good Friday Procession, you are welcome to join.

We will be open this evening, and all are welcome to come to the Center after the Procession. We have Traditional Figolli available to pick up from the Center.

Thank you all for your help and support.

Find more details for The Maltese Center updates and events on the website.


The Committee

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