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Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Dear Members & Maltese Community,

In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic we have been closed since March 9th 2020 following the New York City and New York State guidelines and would like to update you on our current financial status of the Maltese Center. Many members have inquired about the financial well-being of the Maltese Center. Currently, the total amount of dues collected is only but a small portion of the Maltese Center's funds. Let us all be reminded, we are a member owned, volunteer operated Center and that we are all in this together. It is important that members continue to make timely payments on their dues schedule. Given COVID-19's impact on the economy, the Maltese Center is adopting a more conservative stance to our pending capital project schedule. For the moment, we are limiting capital expenditures to absolute necessary maintenance. The bulk of monies that go towards operational costs and capital improvement come from events and the concession which have been nonexistent for three months but our monthly expenses (taxes, insurance, gas, electric, internet, phone etc.) are still due. The funds that were allocated to capital improvement projects will have to be on hold due to the setback that the closure has created and go towards the Center's operational expenses. The Maltese Center has always striven to stay in a sound financial position and be fiscally responsible but we will need to focus on filling the financial gap.


The Maltese Center is considered a social organization in Queens County within the region of New York City. As of June 11th 2020, we must remain closed as we do not qualify for Phase I. The situation is dynamic and continuing to change daily, and we will be updating and providing timely information to our members.


Please know that the Committee and Advisory Board are greatly disappointed that we are not able to offer the Center as an outlet during this time; however, it is just not a possibility for now. We will make certain to be in a position to open as soon as permissible.

The Committee and Advisory Board are in discussion to come up with a 3 phase plan to reopening the Center in strict adherence with the NYS & NYC guidelines. It is a fluid situation with no hard dates.

Phase 1 Sanitizing the premises; organizing a volunteer cleaning crew, appeal for cleaning & sanitizing supply donations, health and safety training. The biggest step in reopening is cleaning and sanitizing the premises, if you would like to volunteer, please contact us with your dates and availability.

Phase 2 New health and safety protocols will be announced; floor markers and signage will be posted throughout the premises and available hand sanitizing stations to comply with NYS & NYC reopening rules.

Phase 3 Soft opening with a controlled capacity & contingency plan for the time being. Implementing a MEMBERS ONLY visiting reservation system and snacks/pastizzi to go . With a controlled capacity we cannot allow anyone who is not a member to make a reservation as we would like to give priority to members. A member cannot bring family or guests on the premises which would compromise the limited capacity that will be set forth by NYS & NYC .

Thank you for your patience as we “figure this out”. Stay safe and stay well.

The Maltese Center Committee

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