To mask or not to mask, that is the question

May 21, 2021 Dear Members, Based on updated guidance from the State of New York. The Center is following recently released CDC guidelines as adopted by New York. All members, guests and visitors are required to wear masks and remain socially distant from others while on Center premises, unless they meet the City & State's criteria for being mask-free. The criteria is that you and/or your guests are fully vaccinated. Any member, guest, or visitor that does not wear a mask is certifying that they have met the City & State's criteria for being mask-free. Additionally, every member, guest, or visitor coming onto Center's premises is certifying that they have not recently tested positive for or shown symptoms of COVID-19. The Center encourages the respectful use of masks and social distancing and reserves the right to confirm proof of mask-free status being asserted by any member, guest, or visitor. The vast majority of our community are fully vaccinated but some have chosen to continue to wear a face covering. We look forward to seeing you at the Center. Best Regards, The Maltese Center Committee

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