We are now open!

First we would like to thank all the volunteers in our Maltese community during these very challenging times. The Maltese Center cannot exist without our volunteers who help in any way they can to keep the Maltese Center operational. Thank you to those who donated their time over the past several months during the shut down to make sure all was well with the Maltese Center. Thank you to those who donated their skills and time to much needed refurbishments to the Maltese Center. Thank you to those who donated supplies and labor to complete the tasks. Thank you to those who donated funds. Thank you to those who became new members. Thank you to those who continue their membership. Thank you to those who work behind the scenes and keep the wheel turning so we may continue to have a place of our own - our beloved Maltese Center. Because of this dedication we were able to open safely and stay open. Although at limited capacity and outdoor only, and new protocols, WE ARE OPEN!

On July 5th the Maltese Center began with a members only soft reopening. Learning to operate under this new norm with the NYS and NYC safety guidelines implemented we have successfully managed. The only entrance into the Maltese Center is through the lower hall and make your way to the back yard area. The main entrance is not to be used at this time. This allows us to monitor everyone entering. Pastizzi and Kinnie are available for pickup or if capacity allows to enjoy in the the backyard which is covered with a massive canopy and equipped with fans for your comfort.

As a reminder the following guidelines are in place and we ask you to RESPECT the enforcement of these rules by those on duty, the rules are to keep everyone safe:

The city and state has issued guidelines that dictate how we must operate. It is imperative, and we ask for your cooperation, in following the city's and state's mandate. No exceptions.

What is required:

  • NO MASK. NO ENTRY. IT IS MANDATORY ON THE PREMISES! A mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times on the premises of the Maltese Center. They may be removed while seated. While seated we encourage you to wear your face covering except when eating or drinking.

  • You are required to sit at your table on arrival as seating is limited. Once seated you must keep that table and chair.

  • Upon entry have your face covering on and you must sanitize your hands or you may use the restroom to wash your hands.

  • You will need to sign in and sign out in order for us to maintain a capacity log.

  • Do not linger inside the lower hall. The lower hall is only to use the restrooms, pick up your drink or snack at the concession or to enter or exit the premises. No one is allowed is to sit or stay inside the lower hall.

  • Reservations are suggested! We have a limited capacity to follow and ask that you honor your reservation. If you arrive without a reservation you may be asked to wait outside if we have reached our capacity limit. This does not apply to grab and go.

  • The main area of the center will remain closed.

  • Please practice social distancing at all times, 6 ft apart. Hand sanitizers are readily available and we encourage you to wash your hands or use sanitizer prior to eating or drinking, and often.

  • Wipe down your area ( including chair and table top) with the provided disinfectant and dispose of all your waste properly.

What you can expect:

  • Tables will be separated by a minimum of six feet. The tables and chairs have been carefully placed. DO NOT MOVE TABLES OR CHAIRS FROM WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN PLACED.

  • The Bocce court may only have two players at any given time. All standby players must stand outside the court at proper distance from each other. A face covering must be worn at all times. Players must put disinfectant and store away any sports equipment after use and dispose of their waste properly.

We welcome you back safely! To make a reservation visit our website to make a reservation or TEXT 347-680-8201 with your full name and the date of visit.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please contact a committee member. Welcome Back!

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