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History and Mission

Our History

The Maltese in New York and America have a long history. Over the years there were quite a few  Maltese centers throughout New York City. Over time many of these centers closed their doors and reorganized. The Maltese Center of today was established in 1979 and the building was commemorated on October 16th, 1982. The Maltese had the foresight to purchase a building in Astoria to own and secure a place for future generations of the Maltese community. The dedication of the communtiy raised funds and provided skills to make the Center what it is today. The Maltese Center is regarded as one of the most active centers in the Northeast.

For more on the on the history of the Maltese Center and the Maltese in New York  read more here

Our Mission


Preserve our language and culture through organized events with traditional themes.

Maintain a space where the Maltese Community can gather.

​Help and promote Maltese culture through its various activities.

Our Goal

Maintain a vibrant Maltese community through growth and support. 

Keeping the Maltese Center a thriving place.

Maintain financial stability for the Maltese Center for generations to come!

Our Mission

We believe that having the Maltese Center we offer a community for those of Maltese heritage
to have a place that they can identify with all the while living in

New York City.

The Maltese Center

27-20 Hoyt Avenue South

Astoria, New York 11102

Phone: 718-728-9883

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