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A country's identity is nothing without its language. It is what unites traditions, culture and customs.

It is what forges the identity of Malta more than anything else.

Below are links to learn Maltese, the evolution of the language, and the initiatives to preserve and promote the Maltese language

To read more on the national language of Malta, The National Council for the Maltese Language website offers more insight.

Maltese is a Semitic tongue, the same as Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Ethiopian. However, unlike other Semitic languages, Maltese is written in the Latin alphabet, but with the addition of special characters to accommodate certain Semitic sounds. Nowadays, however, there is much in the Maltese language today that is not Semitic, due to the immeasurable Romantic influence from our succession of (Southern) European rulers through the ages.

Mikiel Anton Vassalli (March 5, 1764 in ŻebbuġMalta – January 12, 1829) was a Maltese writer, a philosopher, and a linguist who published important Maltese language books.Vassalli began to teach at the University of Malta as the first Professor of the Maltese language. He is an important figure for reviving Maltese as a national language


Ilsienpajjizi  A YouTube channel aimed at primary children to learn Maltese through singing. Excellent for adult learners.

Survival Maltese  Grazio Falzon put together this easy

to follow to learn  Maltese with phonetic transcription 

Ilsienna A Maltese television program going in depth regarding the Maltese language through  literature,arts,history and its people.

Learn Maltese  A YouTube channel  to learn Maltese basics

Fonzu l-Fenek  A YouTube channel aimed at primary children ,excellent for adult learners.

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