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Keep the Dream Alive

November 2020

This is a difficult letter to write to you since the Maltese Center officially opened its doors in the Fall of 1982, your support is needed more than ever to help the Center survive during these unprecedented times.

The Maltese Center has not been immune to the hardship that the COVID-19 shutdown has caused. It has created significant financial challenges. Following NYS & NYC mandates since March 2020 the Maltese Center had to cease all operations, events, and close to members and visitors. By July 2020, the Center was permitted to open to a limited capacity of 25 people outdoors only. Still not enough to generate funds needed to cover monthly costs such as the basics of utilities, taxes, and immediate maintenance issues that are ongoing regardless if we are open or closed. It is anticipated that reduced gatherings and revenue will continue through 2021. Your leadership, support, and generosity are essential as we face these challenges.

This letter is an urgent appeal to help financially by either showing your support by becoming a member and/or making a donation now. Membership dues are the most important part of the financial health of the Center, you can join or make a donation in any amount, to meet the Maltese Center’s goal of $20,000 by December 31st 2020.

Your contribution will continue this living dream of a Maltese community. Don’t let it die after 41 years. Donations are greatly needed, as is your membership. A full year’s membership is $120, which amounts to $10 a month.

Here is how to donate today

Memberships and donations can be fulfilled in three ways:

  • Website - go here: to pay online for membership dues or donations. Payments are processed through PayPal and you do not need an account.

  • Mail a check - payable to The Maltese Center, address; The Maltese Center, attn: Joe Grech, 27-20 Hoyt Avenue South, Astoria, NY 11102

  • In personSunday’s at The Maltese Center, 27-20 Hoyt Avenue South, Astoria, NY 11102

The Maltese Center is that place that keeps the strong connection we have of being Maltese outside of Malta. When you become a member, the Center becomes yours and you part of it. This is the only Maltese Center based in the northeast and with your help it will be here for years to come. Let’s not break that connection and the sacrifices the community of the past made for the Maltese community. If the Center closes there will be no place for you to come enjoy the Maltese spirit, taste a pastizzi, or just the fact of having a place for the Maltese community. Show your Maltese pride and support TODAY!

With gratitude,

The Maltese Center 2020 Committee

PS-It was a dedicated group of the Maltese community more than 40 years ago who saw the foresight in working collectively to secure a permanent place for the Maltese to call their own. Through tireless volunteer work and generous donations, the dream was realized. The Maltese community, a tiny nation with a big city dream come true bringing a feeling of home here. With your contribution you can help keep that dream alive!

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