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Flag of Malta


Officially adopted on 21 September 1964, the Malta flag is a basic bicolor flag of white and red. The hoisting side (left half) of this bicolour flag is white while the flying side (right half) is red.

These colours bear historical significance as they feature on the blazon of the arms of Malta, and were given to Malta by Count Roger of Sicily in 1091 who took over control over the islands after centuries of Muslim rule under a chequered red and white flag.

The flag’s colours were also used by the Knights of Malta, who ruled the Island from 1530-1798. Their badge was the red flag with characteristic white Maltese cross.

The upper left side of the flag of Malta displays the George Cross that has a red outline at the edges. The George Cross was added to the Maltese flag when it was presented to the Maltese people by Britain’s King George VI to the Maltese in recognition of exceptional bravery during the Second World War (1942), when Malta was still part of the United Kingdom.

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